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Purplelicious| Richboro Photographer

She LOVES the color purple.  It was her Grammy's favorite color also.  Its a wonderful way to remember her.
She uses the word ouch like a verb...as in, "This boo-boo is ouching me".  And she says "kajamas" (pajamas) and "belax" (relax).  I don't correct her.  She'll say it correct eventually, but for now I smile when she says those things, because I know she's still little.  
She wants to be a mermaid.  All summer she kept asking when she was going to become a mermaid.  I don't have the heart to tell her mermaids aren't real. 
She adores anything girlie...dresses, baby dolls, tea parties, princesses. Although at the same time, she loves to dig in the dirt. 
She loves chocolate desserts, like Hershey's Kisses, just like her daddy.  But she also loves sugary treats, like the frosting off a cupcake or fun dip, just like me.  She's the perfect blend of the two of us.   
She is an amazing big sister.  Lily is lucky to have her.  I hope they continue to love each other when they are 16 and 12. 
She is perfection, all wrapped up in this little girl.  She is mine and I'm so blessed to be her mom. 

Happy 4th Birthday Grace!