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Monday's Must Have - Balance

Balance...this is something I need desperately in my life right now. As most of my clients know, I have a full time job, in addition to this business. And of course everyone should know about my family. Its a lot to balance...job, business, family. And honestly I'm not doing the greatest job of it right now. I completely overbooked myself for July and August and the result has been very little sleep. To help me get caught up and regain some balance so that Gracie get more time with mommy, "Monday's Must Haves" will be taking a short hiatus. Its not going away completely, but I need to get through the wedding and three sessions that are waiting to be processed (and catch up on some much needed sleep). And for the families waiting on the client websites, sneak peeks and web galleries...I'm working hard to get them done!

And to prevent my life from getting unbalanced again in the fall, I will have limited availability. There are only a few weekend sessions still available. Once my available dates fill up, I will not be able to fit in or schedule any additional sessions.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Make sure you bring the skirt with you!

Pam said...

always love the new pics of Grace, cant wait to see her soon.
Love Mom

Amanda said...

Love these photos of Grace! And good for you for working to maintain a healthy balance between work and family. It's so hard to do, but so important, and I really admire you for making it work. :)