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Monday's Must Have - Photography Meet-ups

Today's must have is also some advice. If you are interested in photography, I would highly suggest going out to shoot with another photographer. Not only is a chance to go out and take some photos, its a great opportunity to get to know someone else who is as passionate about photography. Its nice to have someone to talk photography shop with, share some trade secrets and its really fun to see your children through the lens of someone else.

Tonight, I finally got to meet up with Heather. We've "met" on a photography forum and talked about meeting up for so long now. Gracie and Heather's daughter, Sam, were such great models and so cute together. I just love watching Grace play with other kids. Heather and I traded lens for a little while and I had fun with her wide angle lens. I'm not sure, but I think she liked my 70-200mm too!

Here are some of my favorites:

My favorite of Sam...
Taken with Heather's lens...such fun!


Heather M said...

Danielle! I am in tears over the BW of Sam...just stunning work. It was so great to meet with you too and yes, I like the lens just a teensy bit ;) Thanks so much!!

Nanto3 said...

Hi Danielle, I am Heather's mom. The pictures are great. Heather is right, the BW of Sam is beautiful. Your little girl looks adorable. They looked like they had a good time with each other.