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Monday's Must Have - New Moon Trailer

Yup, that's right, you read it correctly...today's must have is the first glimpse of the New Moon movie. It was previewed last night during MTV's movie awards. I mentioned before that I started reading the series during the holidays and quickly because addicted. The movie will be coming out in November and I can't wait! Until then, this is all there is for now. Enjoy!

New Moon Movie Trailer


Cyndi said...

I was so excited to see it too. :o) I was a little disappointed that they gave so much away in it, though....but that's okay.

I came across a fanmade trailer using clips from Twilight and the New Moon trailer that is AMAZINGLY good, (really, Summit entertainment should have hired this woman...) so I thought I'd share. :)

Here's the link if you're interested.