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Monday's Must Have - Inspiration V3.0

Yes, my third installment of "Inspiration", AKA some of the blogs I read.

Becker - Amazing wedding photographer in Ca. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned the [b] school blog before, and all of the helpful tips on that blog are thanks to [b]ecker.

Sheye Rosemeyer - beautiful photography with so much depth and emotion. But I will warn you, if you visit this blog, you will need tissues. Sheye's beautiful daughter, Ava, was lost to a tragic accident just over two years ago and the sincerity and powerful way Sheye writes is touching.

Brenda Acuncius - Love her style, her use of muted colors. And it doesn't hurt that she has a Gracie too...who is just beautiful.

Blogs of Photogs - And if you don't already have enough in your google reader, here's a site with so many more delicious blogs to enjoy!!