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BFF's Baby

I've talked about my best friend Sally previously when I went to visit her this summer for her baby shower (maternity photo). I have SO many memories and funny stories. For example, the first time I came to Philly was with Sally during collage. What a trip...we got lost after accidentally going across the Ben Franklin Bridge into Trenton, and then my car wouldn't start at the random Wendy's that we found with a pay phone and we had no idea how to get back across the river. It was a little scary in the times before everyone had cells phones and a GPS. Fun times!

Right before Christmas, I was finally able to meet Sally's little boy, Aidan. I can't believe he is already 6 months old! And he's absolutely beautiful!!! Those eyes...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What I would do for eyelashes like that?!?! All I can say is that little boy is so lucky to have my best-est friend for a mom!!


Sally said...

You rock! It was so awesome seeing you and it blows my mind how much Grace has grown! You have such a beautiful little girl! Love Ya and Miss Ya! Sally

Anonymous said...

Sally, he's beautiful.