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Last Hurrah (plus #92 - check!)

I know its been awhile since I last blogged and I know I missed Monday's Must-Have, but I'm in the midst of the busy holiday season. Even though I'm busy, I still made time to take photographs of Grace in attempt of our holiday card. I decided to go another direction for our cards, so that means I can share these now. We went out last month while it was still somewhat mild and the leaves were on the ground. Oh, and I needed to try out my new camera (more on that later).

Thanks to Heather for leaving a sweet comment, which reminded this completes an item from my 101 List. #92 - Photograph Grace in a new head-to-toe, matching outfit. This adorable outfit was bought especially for some fall photographs. Everything from the hat all the way down to the boots were new. I love checking things off!


Anonymous said...

Oh that first one is just amazing!!! I love her outfit (Old Navy top I am sure of!!! hehe)

Beautiful post as always!

Danielle said...

Thanks Heather!! Her entire outfit is from Old Navy...hat, sweater, jean skirt, stockings and thos super cute boots!!! Your comment made me realize I can cross another item off my 101 list!!!