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#25 - Check

Another item off my 101 list is crossed off. #25...start a journal for stories about Grace. She is growing up so fast and is such a charater. She is doing and saying the funniest things. And I don't want to forget these things, like:

Like right now, since her birthday, she wants Happy Birthday to be sung to her at night at bedtime. She'll say "Happy Birthday to You Lovey"...meaning sing happy birthday to Lovey. Once the song is over, she'll clap her hand and say Yeah. And then "Happy Birthday to You Grace"...and then finally Mommy or Daddy.

No matter how many times I correct her, she continues to say "Carry You", when she wants me to carry her.

These are just a few of the memories I write in Gracie's journal.


CLM Photography said...

Danielle, it's so funny, Wes says "Carry you" too when he wants me to carry him :)