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Monday's Must Have - Fall Family Clothing Guide

For today's must-have, I'm giving some great ideas for how to dress for your fall family portrait. I did a children's what to wear guide during the summer, but this is for the whole family.

Fall is the most popular time for portraits. The weather is great, the color of the leaves are beautiful and holidays are just around the corner. And as families schedule their session, the most asked question is "what should we wear?". Hopefully, this post will help. I am going to list a few "tips" and then show some examples.

  • What you wear should reflect you and your family. If you are a casual family, wear jeans and be casual in your photographs.
  • You don't have to match exactly, just compliment each other. There is no need for everyone to wear khakis and white shirts (I mean would you actually all go out wearing the EXACT same thing?). Pick a central color or two, and work around that.
Now to the examples. All of the clothing is from the Gap and Old Navy. Don't feel like you need to run out and buy all new clothes. You probably have a lot in your closet already (like jeans for the entire family). These are just ideas.

Here's an example for a more "fall looking" family and slightly more dressy. This one was based entirely around Dad's sweater.

Here's a more casual, but trendy example. This was based on Mom's shirt and shoes (both from Old Navy...the shoes were $12.50 and the shirt only $15!!!! Such a steal!). I just loved the green!