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Monday's Must Have - Props and Fun Stuff

My photography style doesn't really include props, but sometimes, there are things that are just too cute and too fun. If I decide to use any props, I really make sure that it doesn't date the images. I don't want it to be too trendy. Here are a few of my favorites:

My toy wooden camera - I've gotten some questions about where the camera is from...I bought it at Romp, although I believe its available at a few other places online. :)

Little suitcase....

And my recent favorites...balloons.

If you ever want me to bring one of my "props" to your session, just ask!


Cindy said...

How cute is that 1st one! Love th toy camera!

Sylvia Laughrin said...

LOVE the wooden camera! Where did you get it? Would love to get something like this for my kids. Plus I think it's such a nice simple prop to use for portraits.++

Shantell Wyatt said...

These are great props, that last picture is adorbale!