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We Are Family...

I had such a great time at this family portrait session. Gavin is 15 months old full of energy (although, aren't all toddlers full of energy?). And 15 months can be a tough age to photograph. Toddlers want to have their independence and have their own agenda. You can't reason with them yet, and bribes don't work either. So, instead, I just let the toddlers do what they want and give them lots of space. I don't try to force photos to happen, it just doesn't work.

I think this one is my favorite from the afternoon...a brief moment of smiles from Gavin after being thrown up in the air.

Although I have a bunch where everyone is looking and smiling, I like this one, where mom and dad are looking at the "kids".


Anonymous said...

What a great session! I *heart* the last shot! It's perfect! ++