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One Field...Two Girls

Not only was I home with Gracie last week, but I also had my cousin and his family visit for the holiday weekend. We went to Sesame Place (which I survived), Kids Castle and of course, took lots of photos (more coming soon). Kennedy is one of my favorite subjects. She has the sweetest expressions and the most big, beautiful, soulful eyes. And I don't need to direct her very much, she just "poses" in the most natural looking way.

Her mom and I dragged her to a field...in the rain. It wasn't raining when we left, but started to sprinkle in the car. We decided to go ahead and do a quick 5 minute photo shoot. She didn't complain about being in the rain, while her mom and I were dry under an umbrella (we were keeping the camera dry!).

Here's my favorite from our very short, rainy session. You can actually see the rain in the image. :) Could she get any cuter!!!???

I didn't want Gracie to miss out on the field experience, so on Sunday evening, we went back to the same field... She's a little harder to photograph, being 2 years younger, but she did great too!! Next time Daddy needs to come along, so she might actually look in my direction!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that first image, WOW! Great work! ++

Anonymous said...

These are so sweet. I think you've done a great job here. I also love your binky post a few back. You've captured some real stories. Good for you. Keep it up! A++

Anonymous said...

Beautiful location & the first one is stunning!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images. I really like both of them, they have a very whimsical feel. ++

Anonymous said...


These two should be send to "Baby Gap" They are absolutely gorgeous..