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Monday's Must Have - A Camera Bag

Today's must have is something I so desperately need (or is it want?). A camera bag...someplace to hold all you gear. There are so many different types of camera bags out there now. They aren't just those big black back-pack type kind anymore. Here are some of my favorites and ones I'm considering, for when I actually replace the generic canvas bag (that I got free when I moved into my development) I'm currently using.

Crumpler Bags - These are messenger-type bags (one long strap). The bags have fun names like "2 Million Dollar Home", "4 Million Dollar Home" and so on as they get bigger. They are the most "practical" bag I'm going to talk about. They are well padded and can hold lots of gear. They do come in other colors and not just boring black.

Jill E - Now, it doesn't get more girl-y or stylish than these bags. In leather and suede, you can make a fashion statement and hold all your camera gear! The chocolate brown suede bag looks gorgeous, (although I do have a thing for chocolate brown suede). The bad part, they are a little pricey. But I guess looking good has a price!

Shootsac - This is a different type of camera bag made by the talented Jessica Claire. This is more of something to wear while shooting that will allow you to carry camera lens on you and quickly change lens during a shoot. In addition to being a useful item, they come with lots of different fabric covers...lots of colors and patterns. Again, you might as well look good. I don't know how well this would fit with my style of shooting, but wanted to mention it.

What is your favorite camera bag? Leave a comment and let me know!