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Little Brother

Even though the weather hasn't been cooperating with me for photo sessions, it has given me time to photograph the kids that are important in my life. Last weekend, I took my nephews and Grace out for a photo shoot. We went to Peddler's Village and just walked around and had fun. I posted Jackson's photos yesterday and today's I'm showing his little brother, Owen. Owen couldn't be more different than Jackson, even if he tried. He's much more adventurous, climbing on everything (his parents found him on the dining room table one day). He will only talk when and if he wants (Jackson would repeat anything you asked him to). There are really some many differences. The one thing that is the same, is that he's an amazing little boy, with such a personality, just like his big brother.

Doesn't seem far that a boy gets to have eyelashes like that!

This one just cracks me up. Looking very GQ-ish walking towards me!


Anonymous said...

He is the cooliest kid I have ever seen. He must look just like his dad!


Kathy Bates