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Blog Party - Day 4

3-2-1 Quiz time!

Let's see who's been reading my blog.

Name 3 of my "must-haves."
Name 2 things that I have accomplished on my 101 in 1001 list.
Name 1 of my products I showecased on this blog.

First person who leaves a comment to this post with the correct answers wins a $25 gift card to the GAP!


Amanda said...

Must haves: giddy-giddy barettes, cute shoes, film

101 list: order groceries online, get 20 or more blog comments, family photos

blog showcase: those templates for how to arrange your photos

Did I get it right (this is from memory, no cheating) ;)

Danielle said...

Almost. Contest is still open! I must have actually blogged about it previously!! :)

Anonymous said...

I know that I'm not the first one but here are your answers:

3 Must Haves - Camera Bag, Good Friends and Good Food, and Film

2 of the 101 in the 1001 list: Family Photos and andother special day with my nephew.

1 Product Showcased: Bound Book

See I do read your blog. Theresa

Danielle said...

I was wrong, the first commenter is correct. She listed 3 of my 101 and only needed 2! I will be blogging about one of those very soon! My mistake! Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my blog! Congrats to Amanda!