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Blog Party - Day 3

Today's theme is "audience participation." Tell me why you deserve a portrait session. Or, tell me why someone you know deserves one. I'm looking for anything...heartfelt words, a photo, a poem, limerick, anything you want. Don't be afriad to be creative and be fun!

What do you get for your creativity? A gift certificate for Danielle McElhaugh Photography worth $250! This can be used for yourself or be given as a gift. This gift certificate can used as your heart desires (session fee, reprints, art products). Entries need to be email to danielle@dmphotos.net and must be received by Thursday at 11:59 PM. Of course the winner will be announced on Friday!

I can't wait to see them...Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Theresa Loughrey


The day you were born I looked into your eyes so bright and alert. I was so proud without knowing the future. It turns out I blinked and you're now going into your senior year in highschool. Soon you'll be wearing your cap and gown and Mommy will end up being so down, no more little girl no more cuddles and kisses. I won't have to kiss any more boo boo's or wipe away your tears. Oh how the years have flown by I could just cry not sad tears for you but happy and proud tears of the woman that you've become so strong yet so young. In my heart of hearts I know that these years we've spent together just you me and your sister have been so wonderful. I know that your lifes ambitions will come to you and make you most humble. I love you so my darling girl who has brought me much joy. Go on with your life and live it to the fullest but remember all of the good times and use them to remember me always. I love you so and will keep you forever that little girl from May 18th 1991 with the big brown eyes in my heart of hearts.

Anonymous said...

I'm not very good with poems, but I would love to win this package, My husband and I will be married 25 yrs, and have not had a portrait done in years, and I would love to do that for him, and me. and some of my favorites you have done are of couples. so please keep me in mind. thank you