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Monday's Must Have - Kids Music

This one is ALL for fun and has NOTHING to do it photography. My favorite band has made a children's CD. Barenaked Ladies' new CD "Snacktime" is released tomorrow. I can't wait. It may be a little while before Grace will listen to it (right now its just Oswald and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse over and over again), but until then, I get to listen to it!! For years, I have thought that BNL would make an awesome kid's album. With songs like "Another Postcard (about Monkey postcards), "If I had a Million Dollars"& "Grade 9", they are so much fun to begin with and a kid's CD is a natural progression. I don't have an official review, since it comes out tomorrow, but from a few things on YouTube, it seems great. If you haven't ever heard about BNL before, now is the perfect time!

Check out this video for one of their songs.