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Morgan's Milestones at Three Months

3 months can be a tough age to photograph. They can't sit up or interact with you too much yet. But at the same time, the are so different than a newborn. I think the most important part about photographing babies at any age, is to capture the important milestones of each age. Milestones at 3 month old include first smiles and being able to hold up their head.

So that is what I tried to capture with Baby Morgan. She's gotten so big since I last took photos of her (8 Days Old). And look at all her hair! Too cute!

Here's one of her smiles:

Being such a big girl, holding her head up!
Cute barrettes by Giddy Giddy - love those things!


Anonymous said...

She is sooo cute. Thanks DM! Check-out those baby blues. I think the background really worked out; it adds some neat contrast. And the Giddy-giddy barrette is adorable...I have to get one of those for her.