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Monday's Must Have - Rule of Thirds

This week's must have is more for those behind the camera. Although, it might offer a little insight for the families I photograph. The "rule of thirds" is a rule (or guideline) about composition. It's the idea that a photograph is divided into thirds, both vertical and horizontal, creating 9 equal sized boxes. One should compose an image where the main focus (eyes or face) is where the lines intersect (shown by red dots below).

When you do that, it results in a stronger, more visually appealing photograph. Of course, this is really only a guideline, there are no absolutes when in comes to art.

And now finally, the part for those who are being photographed...when you or your children aren't in the center of the photograph, its intentional. You might be surprised how sometimes you are drawn to photos like that, but now you know why. Photographs that aren't centered can be more interesting. Here are some of my examples (just imagine the same grid on these).


Anonymous said...

Hi DM! I was poking around your blog after viewing the adorable pictures under your "My Baby" post and ran into your Must-Haves. They are great! I will be sure to check back often. I linked to the Mamarazzi blog and I love it. Thanks for sharing!