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My Day

I had a wonderful day today. It started by sleeping in (until 6:45, but it was still sleeping in!). I spent the morning with Grace, got lots done around the house and then I got to take photos of a very awake newborn (photos to come soon). When I picked up Grace and we got home, there was still enough sun to have our own photo session. I put a skirt on her and we went into my bedroom. I let her jump around and have fun on my bed. She was so cute...jumping, laughing and having so much fun. I'm in a black & white mood...its making me miss film. I think I need to start shooting it more.

Even with all the technical imperfections, I love this photo. When I see it, I can just hear her giggling.

Sigh - she is just so beautiful.

Playing peak-a-boo! Look at that belly - I love it.

Grace didn't start sucking her thumb until after her first birthday. It melts my heart.

And lets not forget her lovey.


Anonymous said...

Grace is soooo beautiful, she looks so much like her mommy! I love the first pic too, it just captures that toddler personality that is so much fun!