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Monday's Must-Have - Filters

Ok, so I missed my Monday post, but this still counts. This week's must have is for those behind the camera...filters. Personally, filters are a MUST have. I recently read a great article which questioned this, but at this point, I'm sticking to my philosophy. If you invest money in your lenses, you need to protect them. I think I have pretty much lost all of my lens caps, so having a filter on them keeps the glass from getting scratched, or having smudgy little finger prints all over them. Of course, filters aren't just for protecting, are for artistic purposes also, but really that's a whole 'nother ballgame. Today, I just want to stress buying a simple UV filter to screw onto the end of your lens. This minimal investment could save you big time in the long run.

And I don't want to be biased to one nephew over another, so here is Baby O...the O Train...O Dog and lots of other fun nicknames. He's 3 days older than Grace...