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Monday's Must-Have - A Nifty-Fifty

To continue with Monday's Must-Have...the next item on the list is a 50mm lens (f1.8 or f1.4). For anyone starting out in photography, this is an absolute MUST HAVE. With the f1.8 starting around $100, its a great deal. Check out B&H or even Ebay, I bought one second-hand several years ago and it was perfect! The f1.4 is more of an investment, but I hear it is worth the price. Because its a fast lens, it will help you turn off the flash and use natural light, which can really improve your photos. A majority of my photos have been taken with this lens and I still pull it out often. Plus, I love to play with extreme depth of fields and the f1.8 can really achieve the look I'm going for. Here's an example of some fun depth of field taken with my nifty-fifty.


CLM Photography said...

I agree! I love my nifty-fifty!